Blizzcon 2014 project

So for this years project, I have my same awesome model willing to go forth and wear a costume for me this year.

I wanted to make something a little more armorish (yeah I know not a word).

So I settled on a new character for Warlords of Draenor. Yrel a dranai paladin. This was after much debating of what seemed a good idea for this year and deciding something from the new expansion would probably be a good choice. I began with just a Google search and this image. This was the only female character I really found.


Then I went searching for some good ideas on how to create the rest of her outfit as this is a somewhat limited image. These couple images I found really inspiring and plan to do a similar skirted style and kind of mash the ideas about.

wow paladin alyonushka_s_hammer_and_shield_by_ybourykina-d675kds

Then a couple months ago I got into the beta and OMG to my surprise on alliance side Yrel is a common recurring character upon beginning into the new expansion and throughout your questing. Here are a couple cute screenshots I got of her for inspiration as well as some good images of her armor and horns.

yrel in game (9) yrel in game (8) yrel in game (7) yrel in game (6) yrel in game (5) yrel in game (4) yrel in game (3) yrel in game (2) yrel in game (1)

So now currently she is just a mish mash of ideas in my head. I plan to keep her original image color story with the gold and white armor with purple accents.

I did purchase some paper mache sculpting clay and supplies to craft her horns and will post those once I get them started. My general plan is to kinda start from her head and work my way down. In the meantime, still watching tons of YouTube videos on different cosplay techniques for armor making and building up my inspiration.



One thought on “Blizzcon 2014 project

  1. Zalaluna says:

    Hi I am currently working on the same project as you.
    Maybe we can help each other out…
    You can check my progress of Yrel on my weblog.

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