Some random things I have made this year.

These are not all the things I made this year, but the ones I actually have photos of.


First this cute retro dress from Butterick 4790.  Made with a cute skull and roses cotton print.


B4790skull retro dress (4)skull retro dress (3)skull retro dress (2)skull retro dress (1)


Next this retro Butterick 6018. Made from a yellow and white gingham for The Historical Sew Fortnightly #17 yellow challenge.


The Challenge: #17 yellow
Fabric: White/yellow cotton gingham
Pattern: Butterick B6018
Notions:One zipper
How historically accurate is it? It states circa 1952, I am not sure if this is one of their original patterns just released again or a new one done in that style though.
Hours to complete: About 5 hours
First worn: Never worn
Total cost: Was about $19 for the cotton. I already had the thread,horsehair braid and zipper.


B6018Gingham Butterick B6018 (8) Gingham Butterick B6018 (7) Gingham Butterick B6018 (6) Gingham Butterick B6018 (5) Gingham Butterick B6018 (4) Gingham Butterick B6018 (3) Gingham Butterick B6018 (2)


This is a pretty basic knit top made from some clearance fabric at Joann’s. Just for something comfy.


stripes (2)stripes (1)


Now the biggest project/challenge for this past couple years, besides my being in a generally bad economic position, has been trying to set up my sewing room. The previous year began with the majority of my sewing room filled with all my sewing stuff still stacked floor to ceiling in storage boxes and nothing to actually set up a machine to sew on. Through the generosity of friends I did manage to get a sewing desk last fall and have been slowly un-boxing and adding new storage and organization to the room since. About a month ago the water heater (located in the sewing room closet, don’t ask) broke and leaked all over the room. So a quick evacuation of all my sewing stuff from the room led to it being put back together again in its current state, and I am pretty happy with it now. I still need several more of the fabric storage bins for the cubicle storage, but I slowly add to them when they go on sale and as my budget allows.

So this first image shows 2 of the 9 cubicle storage shelves. now these still need a few more fabric bins to complete as mentioned above. But this holds all of my trims, ribbons braids and most types of embellishments. There is a few more bins stacked nearby that will go into the fabric bins once I get them. The scary thing, those bins you see stacked in the corner and across the top are all sewing projects I have cut out and need to finish. Some have more than one project inside as well. Boy do I have more than enough to keep me busy. So that is one thing I need to do, to help clear up the room to look a little more organized.

sewing room 007


Next couple show a different angle and then moving over to the other wall. There is my cutting table sleeping in the corner with some PJ’s and assorted finished projects on top. This next wall has all cubicle storage and then one bookshelf with all my costuming and sewing books and reference materials. the bottom left has all my beads and other small embellishments and several general notion type items down below. Across the top are quilting,embroidery and crochet supplies and projects.



sewing room 001sewing room 002 sewing room 003


Now this last one shows 4 6-cubicle storage shelves stacked up and filled with fabric bins. These are all of my patterns, yeah I really have that many patterns. There is actually a few grocery bags and bins down on the floor in front of them stuffed full of patterns too. This is going to be a weekend project at some point to actually pull them all out and organize them, currently they are just stuffed in the bins in no particular order and that just wont do.  Up above (sorry kinda can’t see it)  is all my general craft supplies like paints and papers and what-nots.



sewing room 004


Next is my sewing desk in front of this and the window with some more storage nearby of thread and on hand notions needed while working on a  project. You can’t see, but behind the door I have a magazine rack from Ikea holding all my large rulers and similar large and flat sewing supplies.



sewing room 006sewing room 005


Last but not least is the ever needed ironing station. Looks quite a mess currently beneath it, but eventually with the completion of the fabric bins this will all get sorted out at some point into the storage cubicles.


sewing room 008  sewing room 009

Still have to decide what to do with my little TV and the serger.


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